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Skydive in the Sunshine Coast – Video and Photos Explained

It is usually at the top of most people’s bucket lists. Jumping out of a perfectly good plane is the rush of a lifetime! Is it worth including video and photos with your skydive? It is something most people experience just once, so we think it is definitely worth capturing all the action and keep the memories of such an epic adventure. If you are planning to skydive here is everything you need to know about skydiving video and photo packages:

Who can operate a camera skydiving?

In Australia, only skydivers with more than 100 jumps and a ‘C’ licence are allowed to operate a camera while skydiving. This is a rule under the Australian Parachute Federation due to safety reasons, for both the tandem passenger and the skydiving instructor. Wearing an action camera introduces extra distractions to an activity that requires an intense level of focus and attention to detail. Without receiving proper training, operating a camera can be dangerous, as it can get on the way of proper gear handling or even become a snag point for the parachute lines, harness and handles. Licensed skydivers and tandem instructors go through specific training to learn how to deal with dangerous situations that may arise while operating a camera. If you were planning to wear your own camera, unfortunately, it will not be possible at any skydiving dropzone in the world. With Sunshine Coast Skydivers you can book a skydive with video and photos or even our ultimate video package, which includes an outside camera following you in freefall.

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Book our Sunshine Coast Beach Skydive with Ultimate Video Package to have your very own videographer in freefall

Are videos and photos included in skydiving bookings?

At most skydiving dropzones, photos and videos are available as extras that you can purchase when you book your skydive or on the day of your jump. At Sunshine Coast Skydivers we have one package that includes video and photos with a wrist-mounted camera as well as our ultimate video package, with an outside camera.

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That feeling when you go through your video and photos, remembering the rush of freefalling over the ocean…happiness is an understatement.

Is it worth getting skydiving photos or video extras?

First-timers don’t know it in advance, but the first thing they say after their first skydive is usually something like…”that was the best thing I have ever done in my entire life!” So the question is…is it worth having videos and photos of such an epic experience?

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It might be hard to keep your poker face…

Types of photo and video skydiving packages

At most skydiving dropzones you will be offered two types of video/photo packages: hand-cam and outside camera. With the hand-cam video and photos your skydiving instructor will wear a wrist-mounted camera taking “selfie-style” footage and photos. With an outside camera you get your very own videographer, a second skydiver that even jumps with you and your tandem master to film the plane exit and freefall. With either option you normally get a selection of 100+ photos and a video edit with the footage from the cameras.

Hand-cam video and photos skydiving

This is the most affordable option as it doesn’t require any extra staff to take photos or film videos. Your tandem master will wear a wrist-mounted camera and take selfie-style photos and videos. On the ground, boarding the plane, flying to altitude, in freefall and under the parachute. With our Sunshine Coast Beach Skydive with Video and Photos you get a selection of the best 100+ photos as well as a video edit with music of your experience. Make sure you include a message for your friends and family!

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Enjoy breath-taking views skydiving over the Sunshine Coast.

Skydiving with outside camera

Our Sunshine Coast Beach Skydive with Ultimate Video Package is the go-to for the real thrill-seekers. This is our premium package, including footage from the wrist-mounted camera operated by your instructor as well as the outside camera skydiving with you. In addition to the video edit you get a selection of the best 100+ photos of your skydive over the Sunshine Coast. Your experience captured from every possible angle!

Sunshine Coast Skydive with Video and Photo packages

At Sunshine Coast Skydivers we have 3 different photo and video packages that you can purchase as extras when you book your 14,000 feet skydive on the Sunshine Coast:

  • Hand-cam photos only: $109
  • Hand-cam photos and video: $139
  • Ultimate video package with outside camera: $249
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Sunshine Coast Skydivers is part of 1300SKYDIVE. Australian owned and operated, we are the most experienced skydiving company in Australia. Book your beach skydive over the Sunshine Coast with our team of highly experienced instructors. They are qualified under the Australian Parachute Federation and have thousands of skydives each. Our skydiving centre is at Caloundra Airport. We are open all year round.