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Skydive in Queensland – Options and Locations with 1300SKYDIVE

Thinking of skydiving in Queensland? Enjoy the thrill of freefalling from 14,000 feet with 1300SKYDIVE. We currently operate 3 different dropzones in Cairns, Airlie Beach and the Sunshine Coast. All our skydives in Queensland offer an unmatched visual experience over the ocean with jumps from up to 14,000 feet. In all of them you have the option to land on the beach.

Rest assured you are in good hands leaping out of a perfectly good plane. 1300SKYDIVE is the most experienced skydiving company in Queensland and Australia, we have been jumping out of planes for over 50 years! All our instructors are highly experienced with thousands of skydives each and qualified under the Australian Parachute Federation.

Get to know more about our different options to skydive in Queensland below. We hope to see you soon in the sky!

tandem skydiving in cairns


If you are looking to skydive in Cairns make sure you consider Cairns Skydivers. Our tropical dropzone in far north Queensland, also known as Tandem Cairns or 1300SKYDIVE Cairns, it is one of the most beautiful locations to skydive in Queensland.

We offer tandem skydives from up to 14,000 feet with stunning views of the coast. Famously known for its beautiful corals and pristine waters, you can also skydive over the Great Barrier Reef. We have the best prices to skydive in Queensland. Our skydiving packages in Cairns start at $299, and you can include optional extras like video and photos.

If you want to make it a truly special day choose the option to skydive over Etty Bay beach. For just $30 extra you can experience our exclusive beach landing on Etty Bay.

Did you know you can learn to skydive in Cairns? With the Accelerated Freefall Course (AFF), you can get your skydiving licence to jump solo, in Australia and overseas. The AFF course consists of one full day of ground theory and 9 skydives (AFF stages). You will learn all the theory and skills required to safely deploy and fly your own parachute. All the AFF skydives are performed with highly experienced instructors than will assist you in freefall. With Cairns Skydivers you can complete the qualifications at your own pace, and we don’t require full payment for the full course upfront. Once licensed you can skydive in Queensland and the rest of Australia, or even overseas.

Lastly, if you are looking to surprise someone special make sure you check out our skydiving gift vouchers in Cairns.

You are in good hands with the best-rated skydiving team in Queensland. Our instructors are absolute superstars! But don’t take our word for it, read our Cairns Skydivers reviews before you make up your mind.

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Office: 96 Lake St, Cairns City QLD 4870

Dropzone: 30 Wilson Rd, Mundoo QLD 4860

Telephone: 07 4015 2466




Our closest location to Skydive in the Whitsundays. Airlie Beach Skydivers, also known as 1300SKYDIVE Airlie Beach, is conveniently located between Airlie Beach and Mackay, with aircraft taking off from the aerodrome in Bloomsbury. We offer free transfers from our pick-up location in Airlie Beach.

Our skydiving packages in Airlie Beach start at $299, but stay tuned for our regular offers and promotions. Experience a rush like no other skydiving from 14,000 feet. Airlie Beach is one of our most popular dropzones to skydive in Queensland. We offer the only skydive in the Whitsundays area with a beach landing, at no extra cost.

With our learn to skydive courses you can get your skydive licence in Airlie Beach. At Airlie Beach Skydivers you can choose to do the course at your own pace, or our all-inclusive package. Choose the latter if you are up for a different type of holiday full of adrenaline. Our learn to skydive package includes all training and gear, accommodation, 15 skydives and videos of all your student jumps. You are in safe hands with our instructors. They are highly experienced, with thousands of jumps and qualified under the Australian Parachute Federation.

If you are looking for a different gift idea make sure to check out our skydiving gift vouchers in Airlie Beach. Surprise someone special with a jump out of a perfectly good plane with stunning views of the coast. All our skydives include beach landing and our gift vouchers are valid for 3 years.

airlie beach skydivers logo

Pick-up: 273 Shute Harbour Rd, Airlie Beach QLD 4802

Dropzone: 253 Kunapipi Road, Laguna Quays QLD 4800

Telephone: 07 4838 4040




skydiving sunshine coast

Sunshine Coast Skydivers, also known as 1300SKYDIVE Sunshine Coast, is our dropzone to Skydive in Caloundra. If you are looking to skydive in Brisbane or surroundings we offer stunning skydives over the coast from 14,000 feet.

Our skydiving packages on the Sunshine Coast start at $309. The beauty of Skydiving in Queensland? That you can land on the beach, of course! All our skydives include a beach landing at no extra cost which make a truly great experience. We have different options for photo and video packages, check out our skydiving prices on the Sunshine Coast to know more.

If you are looking for gift ideas in Brisbane (safely) throwing someone out of a plane is a really unique present. Your loved ones are in safe hands with our team of highly experienced instructors. Buy a skydiving gift voucher on the Sunshine Coast to surprise someone with the best present ever. Read our Sunshine Coast Skydivers reviews for real testimonials from visitors who have experienced the ultimate rush skydiving in Queensland.

Sunshine Coast Skydivers logo

Location: 1 Pathfinder Dr, Caloundra West QLD 4551

Telephone: 07 3067 0715



Book direct with the experts for the best experience Skydiving in Queensland. 1300SKYDIVE is the most experienced company in Australia.