skydiving magazine article featuring sunshine coast skydiving instructor

The inspiring life story of one of our Sunshine Coast skydiving instructors

Our very own skydiving instructor, Eunsung, was recently featured in the APF Skydiver magazine. Eunsung migrated to Australia and pursued his dream of becoming a professional skydiver.

The magazine article opens with Eunsung’s words (which we suggest you try to read with a strong Korean accent):

Who cares about story of a random Korean immigrant dude who achieved ‘Australian dream’. But I would like to share the journey I have made. My name is Eunsung Baek, I ‘m from Korea and I living the dream. I not self-made millionaire or super famous person, but I have some story to tell and hope this inspires who needs motivation or lost their way.

His story was also featured in the Korean documentary “Working on air”. If you book a beach skydive with Sunshine Coast Skydivers chances are you will come across Eunsung, or even jump with him!