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Skydive in the Sunshine Coast from $279

Best prices to skydive on the Sunshine Coast guaranteed. Discover our highly rated beach landing skydiving in Caloundra with our experienced team.

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AFF Course to get your Skydive Licence

No upfront payment required. Complete the AFF skydive course in Australia at your own pace. Sign up online or call us to learn to skydive solo.

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Options for licensed skydivers in Australia

Come jump with 1300SKYDIVE. Discover all our dropzones. Jump tickets are valid in all our locations.

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Best beach skydive on the Sunshine Coast

Experience the thrill of freefalling from up to 14,000 feet, followed by a stunning ride under a parachute. Skydive in Caloundra with Sunshine Coast Skydivers, the closest beach skydive to Brisbane. All our skydives include a landing on Currimundi Beach at no extra cost.

We are part of 1300SKYDIVE, registered under the Australian Parachute Federation. Australian-owned and operated, we have been skydiving in Australia for over 50 years and are the most experienced company in the country.

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What to expect with Sunshine Coast Skydivers

The best skydiving views and beach landings

Passion, expertise and stunning views. Jump with Sunshine Coast Skydivers.

Skydiving safety

Our aircraft are checked regularly and we use some of the most advanced skydiving gear in the market. We require our skydiving instructors to have twice the experience required by the Australian Parachute Federation when they join our team.

The best views and an exclusive beach landing

Experience the thrill of skydiving at one of the most beautiful locations in Australia with a Currimundi beach landing included at no extra cost. It’s not just the freefall, but the stunning views under canopy! We have skydiving photo and video packages available.

Over 50 years skydiving in Australia

We are part of 1300SKYDIVE, Australian owned and operated for over 50 years and the most experienced skydiving company in the country. We perform thousands of skydives at our dropzones every year. Our Director holds the Australian record with over 36,000 skydives!

Closest skydive to Brisbane

We have the best prices to Skydive on the Sunshine Coast at the closest dropzone to Brisbane. Rated excellent by our customers skydiving in Caloundra, we strive to deliver the best experience to fellow Aussies and the thousands of international visitors we see each year.

Skydiving Sunshine Coast options

Currimundi beach landing every skydive

Skydive in Caloundra and land on Currimundi beach at no extra cost. You will take off from Caloundra Airport and enjoy a 20-minute flight to height, with stunning views of the Sunshine Coast. Then the door will open and you will be freefalling surrounded by an incredible landscape, followed by a gentle parachute ride to our exclusive landing on the sand.

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Best price guaranteed

Sunshine Coast Skydive $279 Weekday Special

Escape the daily routine with the best deals to skydive in the Sunshine Coast. Book a life-changing experience like no other! Offer valid for midweek skydives excluding public holidays.

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Sunshine Coast Skydiving Gift Vouchers

Gift the thrill of a lifetime

Very few gift ideas can top a skydive over the Sunshine Coast. Throw your friends and family out of a perfectly good airplane over paradise! Come along for the ride and watch them take off and land on the beach, we want to help you make their day unforgettable. Our vouchers to skydive on the Sunshine Coast are valid for 3 years.

Sunshine Coast Skydivers Instructors

Meet our team of skydiving instructors

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DZSO, Tandem and AFF Instructor
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Tandem Instructor
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Skydiving locations in Australia

We have other options to Skydive in Australia, check out our dropzones in Cairns, Airlie Beach, and Sydney. Experience the thrill of freefalling with the most experienced Skydiving company in Australia.

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